Zero Tolerance 0022 Flipper Knife
The 0022 flipper by Tim Galyean combines eye catching looks with a compact frame and stout build quality for an EDC tool that's hard to beat.
Zero Tolerance 0055 Flipper Folding Knife
In one of the most anticipated custom collaborations of 2017, Gustavo T. Cecchini (GTC) joins the ranks of elite ZT designers to bring a production version of his custom Airborne with their take on his awesome spring-loaded flipper tab.
Zero Tolerance 0223 Flipper Knife
Designed by Tim Galyean, the 0223 takes its inspiration from a classic military knife, but ZT's version is a folder, making it easy to EDC and ready for every task you ask it to take on.
Zero Tolerance 0308 Flipper
The 308 is a stylish tactical flipper that is large enough to outperform any task you can throw at it.
Zero Tolerance 0350 Flipper Opening Knives
The smaller brother to the 0300 folding knives, this is a great everyday carry blade that is built tactical tough.
Zero Tolerance 0450-0470 Flipping Knives
These flippers are collaborations between ZT and custom knife designer Dmitry Sinkevich. With top materials and a sophisticated look, we think they are perfect EDC folding pocket knives.
Zero Tolerance 0562 Flipper Opening Knives
ZT has a grand slam with the 0562 Folder. A perfectly balanced, ultra smooth folding knife with the wickedly cool Rick Hinderer Slicer grind. Plus exotic steels!
Zero Tolerance 0609 Flipper Folding Knife
This production version of the Factory Custom 0606CF by RJ Martin is slightly smaller than the original yet just as perfectly refined as that highly collectible variation.
Zero Tolerance 0640 Folding Knife
The 0640 is a ZT/Ernest Emerson collaboration that provides both utterly practical design and boldly eye-catching style.
Zero Tolerance 0770 Flipper Knives
The 0770 is a great EDC option for anyone looking for a quality pocketknife. It's got some of the best available materials and a lightweight, utilitarian design.
Zero Tolerance 0801, 0804 and 0808 Flipping Knives
These Todd Rexford designs are beautiful knives. They have clean lines, ergonomic handles, and functional blade shapes with some of the smoothest bearings in the industry.
Zero Tolerance Knife Storage Bag
Safely store up to 18 of your favorite, most precious possessions in this nylon storage bag from ZT. Made with a removable center section and two zippers so it can be fully opened and perused with ease.

ZT Zero Tolerance Knives — Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Since 1974, Kai USA has brought you what you have come to expect—the very highest quality and most innovative designs available in the knife market today.

With our line of Zero Tolerance Combat Knives, the legacy continues. We have teamed up with Ken Onion and Strider Knives to bring you a new series of professional-grade combat knives built to survive the harsh, real-world situations that confront you every day.

We call it ZT, Zero Tolerance. And that is our ultimate goal—Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function and Zero Tolerance in performance.

Whether you’re in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, on a Response Team, or are an EMS professional, if you demand only the best from your equipment, you will quickly recognize the many benefits that ZT has to offer. Because when you’ve got a life-and-death job, you need tools that can give you an edge. Zero Tolerance Knives are those tools.