D22 Carabiners
A collaboration between Tuff-Writer and D22 Manufacturing, these aluminum carabiners are precision machined in the USA from aerospace quality, 6061-T6 aluminum.
Mini Click Pens
Like the slightly larger Precision Press, the Mini Click Pen is entirely modular with each component being easily replaceable and built to last a lifetime.
Operator Pens
The size of the Operator allows it to fit into virtually any shirt pocket. A little shorter and a bit thicker compared to the full-length Frontline pens, the Operator is also little easier to carry discreetly.
Precision Press Pens
The Precision Press Pen is designed to be "the ultimate clicky pen". It is entirely modular with each component being easily replaceable and built to last a lifetime.

From Marines hunting terrorists in burning deserts, SAR expeditions in bone chilling mountains, SWAT officers executing high risk warrant service, EMTs functioning in extreme conditions, or a civilian working in a non-permissive environment. All of these special operations groups have something in common - they all require a pen that they can depend on.

These people expect the best from their tools and their pens are no exception. We strive to design and manufacture pens of superior quality which function under extreme conditions. Every Tuff-Writer is guaranteed to perform as the toughest pen available for individuals who count on their gear for their lives.

We think that the first time you put a Tuff-Writer in your hands you'll understand that it's an essential piece of gear you should never be without.

Through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you're likely to find yourself in, a Tuff-Writer will prevail.

Our Philosophy:
There are a lot of other companies out there right now which make pens as accessories. Nice little anodized trinkets to complement their product line or extend their market reach in addition to their core competency. At Tuff-Writer, we just make one thing... pens. In fact we make the best tactical pens on the market. This is our core competency. Then we let the Swiss make the watches, because that's their core competency.

Here at Tuff-Writer we understand that people often depend on their tools for their lives. That precisely why we make the world's toughest pens and import the world's toughest watches. Before you buy a Tuff-Writer or TAWATEC, we spend literally months testing it, carrying it and generally abusing it.

That's why through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you're likely to find yourself in, our products will prevail so that you can prevail.

Our contact information
By standard mail:
Tuff-Writer Inc.
4292 E. Agave
Phoenix, AZ. 85044
By phone:
480.329.6105 (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mountian Time)
Our Promise / Warranty:
We make the world's toughest pens. To stand behind our promise, if you have any issues with your Tuff-Writer tactical pen, send it back and we will do our best to make it right. Tuff-Writer pens are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of their useful life. Short of intentional destruction, we will warranty the Tuff-Writer against failure for the life of the product.

TAWATEC watches are covered by a solid 2 year warranty. We are the only authorized distributer of TAWATEC watches in the states. This means that only watches purchased through Tuff-Writer or one of our dealers will have a warranty in the United States.

Shipping Information:
All in stock orders are shiped within 3-5 business days. Orders are batched to ship when all products are in stock and available. Typical order delivery takes 1-2 weeks but occassionally can take longer depending on location, weather and customs.

All international orders are shipped with tracking but can not be tracked once outside of the USA, nor are they insured or guaranteed. Lost product for international orders will not be refunded. We highly recommend spending the extra few dollars on FedEx international shipping with tracking if you have trouble with international packages.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:
Pen and watch refunds are handled on a case by case basis and must be approved first. There will be a 25% restocking fee. Any worn watches can NOT be returned. Only un-worn watches with the plastic still intact will be accepted. All returns / exchanges must be initiated no more than 14 days from the original purchase date. Due to our payment processor we are unable to process returns after 30 days, it's out of our hands. Please note that refunds can take between 5-14 days to process and show up on your credit card. We have no control over this.

Purchasing Policies / Legal Information:
By purchasing products from Tuff-Writer, the buyer assumes the full and complete responsibility of having ascertained, and complied with all applicable local, state, federal and international laws with regard to the possession and use of any item purchased from Tuff-Writer. Please review your local municipal and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt. The buyer agrees as a term of purchase that Tuff-Writer will not be held liable for the misuse of any product.

While Tuff-Writer complies with all applicable Federal Laws regarding the interstate / international shipment of our products, it is not possible for us to stay on top of the local state, city, county and international laws regarding the possesion and use of such items.

While there are currently no prohibitions of any sort in the United States, it is important for international pen owners to contact their local authorities to inquire about "Ownership" and "Carry" laws in their local jurisdiction.

Q: Why do I need a tactical / defense pen?
A: Because it's a dangerous world out there and the price of being unprepared is just too high. With the growth of non-permissive environments (places where guns, knives, pepper-sprays and sharp sticks are prohibited) people’s options for personal defense tools are becoming more limited all the time. Tactical flashlights and defense pens are multi-use tools which can and should be carried at all times. Their multi-use nature limits restrictions as well as excuses for not having them when you need them most.

Q: What exactly is a tactical / defense pen?
A: It’s a pen designed to be as reliable and durable as the people using it. A writing implement as well as a last ditch defensive tool that you can bring virtually anywhere and have with you at all times. The Tuff-Writer tactical / defense pen is an essential piece of gear for anyone who needs tools that they can depend on.

Q: Couldn't I just carry a knife?
A: The Tuff-Writer isn’t designed to be a replacement for a knife. It isn’t designed to replace a flashlight either. It’s a supplemental tool which soon becomes an essential piece of gear for any prepared individual. Afterall, even the best knife isn't doing you much good when you have to leave it behind in your car / home.

Q: What makes the Tuff-Writer tactical / defense pen special?
A: The Tuff-Writer is more than a pen, it’s specifically designed to function in the harshest environments and under the worst conditions. It’s a pen that conceivably may one day save your life. The minute you put one in your hand, we think you’ll understand.

Q: Aren't there other pens like it out there?
A: Once you put a Tuff-Writer in your hand we think you'll agree that there's nothing else quite like it. From the solid feel and smooth look to the durable finish, it's easy to see that the Tuff-Writer is unique.

Q: Is it a weapon?
A: A lemon yellow Crayola is a weapon in some people’s hands. The Tuff-Writer is a tactical / defense pen, how you use it is up to you. Who knows, one day it may save your life.

Q: Doesn’t a disposable pen work as well?
A: Not even close. The Tuff-Writer is designed to function in the harshest environments and take massive amounts of abuse, both as a pen and as a tool. The knurling is designed to work well with gloved hands while the thickness, length and overall balance fit perfectly in the hand. This is no disposable, it's made to last.