EZE-Lap Benchstones
EZE-Lap benchstones range from extra coarse to super fine, and even include double sided benchstones.
Eze Lap Diamond Kitchen Steels
Really sharpens an edge and are easy to learn to use.
EZE-Lap Carbide Sharpeners
These carbide sharpeners are perfect for your kitchen, sport, outdoor and utility knives.
EZE-Lap Chainsaw Files
EZE-Lap chainsaw files come in different sizes depending on the chain gauge and can attach to a dremel tool or power drill.
EZE-Lap Credit Card Stones
Credit card size sharpening stones available as individual stones or in two stone sets.
EZE-Lap Diamond Hones and Stones
Very effective in hard to get places, carbide saw blades, router bits and deburring.
EZE-Lap Diamond Needle Files
Gunsmiths, tool and die makers, jewelers and stockmakers rely on EZE-Lap needle files to get the job done. Available in 12 shapes and two different grits — fine and coarse.
EZE-Lap EZE-Fold Folding Sharpeners
EZE-Lap EZE-Fold sharpeners feature handles that can be used to hold the stone while in use and to protect the stone while in storage.
EZE-Lap EZE-Hone
Effectively sharpening planer/jointer blades.
EZE-Lap Retractable Diamond Rod Sharpeners
These versatile rod sharpeners can sharpen anything from knives to scissors. Some models have grooves to sharpen fish hooks.
EZE-Lap Sharpening Kit Stones
Sharpening stones for the EZE-Lap Knife Sharpening Kit. Available in various grits.
EZE-Lap Special Use Files
EZE-Lap Special Use Files available in fine, medium and coarse grits.

EZE-LAP Diamond products has been the pioneer and originator of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970's.Or patented diamond process and modern technology allows EZE-LAP to produce the finest quality diamond products for the lowest possible price.
The patented process of heat treatment that bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy to a precision matched metal substrate has been imitated but has never come close to being duplicated. The resulting suface integrity from the EZE-LAP process measures about 72 on the Rockwell C hardness scale. By utilizing our technology, EZE-LAP has created a surface that works on carbide, ceramic, tool steel, hardened materials and newer stainless steels that are utilized by most major knife manufacturers today. 

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