LED Lenser 880092 Signal Cone Fits M14, P14
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LED Lenser lights are not only extremely bright, but also feature the technology to power long run times and beam distances without compromising size, weight, or usage of common battery styles. From keychain size to 1000 lumen lighting tools for professionals, our German engineering, attention to design detail and industry-leading warranty are second-to-none.


LED lights today are getting brighter and brighter; smaller and smaller. But is brighter really better if the quality of the light is compromised by outdated focusing technology?  Is a smaller frame enough, or should it be a smaller frame that can be operated with only one-hand? How about beam distance and run time; warranty and materials?

While most companies want to tell you about their quantity of lumens (brightness), we'd like to talk to you about our quantity and quality. We'd like to show you the difference between bright, and clearly brighter. It's what we mean when we say, creating new worlds of light. It wheat it means when your light is a German-engineered LED Lenser.

In the end all lumens are not created equal. Our selection of only top "bin" LEDs, use of gold-plated circuits, aero-grade anodized aluminum and flawless bezel construction are only the beginning of our award-winning lights and headlamps.

Beneath these designs is advanced, yet practical technology that enhances the light, its output and the user's ability to direct it all. It's what we call, creating new worlds of light.


Traditionally light-focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. Lenses have the advantage of emitting a homogenous light pattern for distances almost 70% of the light is scattered and lost.

Conversely, while reflectors do a better job of capturing a higher percentage of light for long-distances, when they are used for up-close reading scattered light causes "rings" and "holes" in the light pattern leading to eye fatigue.

In both these cases, the lumen count (brightness) loses its validity as light is misdirected and wasted. That's why we decided to try something different.

If you pull together the strengths of the lens and reflector into one combined system, you achieve clear, homogeneous light spill for up-close reading and a sharply-focused beam for long-distance viewing.

This is exactly what we've done with the Advanced Focus System (AFS); a unique and patented lens/reflector optic. AFS means reading the map up-close is easy on the eyes and then focusing to find the path or landmark in the distance, clear and bright.