Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Busker Folding Knives
Designed with fidgeters in mind, the Busker is a compact EDC blade with a litany of opening options to keep things fresh each and every day.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Rainmaker Flippers
The Rainmaker by Olamic Cutlery is a a very well balanced, fast and strong tactical folder with beautiful lines and an extremely comfortable feel.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Soloist
The Soloist is Olamic's first knife to use a sliding thumb stud so you can customize your deployment even further.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Swish Folders
Olamic's second mid-tech knife, the Swish, is both tactical and practical which makes it great for absolutely anything and everything.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Wayfarer 247 Folders
Olamic's first mid-tech knife, the Wayfarer 247, is so sweet you should have it with you 24-7.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech WhipperSnapper
This front flipper design from Andrey Kolesnikov is compact, versatile, strong, precise, and exactly what an EDC knife should be.