Setting the Standard Since 1914

Peerless® Handcuff Company was established in 1914 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over ninety years later, the classic swing through design of the original Peerless® handcuff, continues to be the industry standard.

Peerless offers a full line of restraints including chain link handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, oversize handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains and color plated restraints. All of our products are designed to meet and exceed the tough U.S. National Institute of Justice standards for strength and quality. All Peerless products are backed by a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.


In case of manufacture defect, Peerless® Handcuff Company agrees to repair or replace a defective restraint when it is returned to our Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A. address. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or ordinary wear and tear of the handcuff, nor any damages whatsoever which may be incurred by reason of any failure to carefully comply with directions as outlined in the manufacturer's instructions.

Stamping or etching of identification markings on any part of the restraint after they have left the factory is not recommended and may cause malfunction of product and void warranty.

Repair Service

Please send any restraints in need of repair to the following address. Enclose a short note describing the problem along with a return street address, contact name and daytime phone number.

Attn. Repairs
95 State Street
Springfield, MA 01103

Make sure to securely seal the returns in an envelope or box. Loose cuffs in a poorly sealed package or envelope can result in lost product during delivery.

For more information concerning warranty or repair service please contact us at 800-732-3705 or