V Nives Altered Beast Series
The Altered Beast is a versatile, do-it-all fixed blade knife with an extremely solid build.
V Nives Atmosphere Series
The Atmosphere, the collection of gasses that surround our planet and keep us relatively safe, was the inspiration for the milling pattern on this knife that shares its name.
V Nives CRAB Series
CRAB stands for Cut Rescue Assist and Break and it more aptly applies to how this multi-tool looks compared to how it functions.
V Nives Deplorable Series
A knife designed by Jerry Hossom is immediately recognizable as such and that's something very few knifemakers can say.
V Nives Diafire Series
The Diafire series has all types of knives to meet your daily needs.
V Nives Drive Series
The V Nives Drive is here to help. Switching a pocket clip, tightening a screw, or adjusting the pivot tension — now you have everything you need in one tidy package.
V Nives Fractal Assist Series
The Fractal Assist has a curved geometric nature to the design and is perfect for both everyday carry and tactical encounters.
V Nives Frontier Survivor Series
The Frontier Survivor is a versatile, do-it-all fixed blade knife with an extremely solid build.
V Nives Griptide Series
The Griptide is a strong, versatile cutting tool with a slim form factor and comfortable grip.
V Nives Olympian Series
The Olympian is a folding survival knife with a definite amount of tactical functionality thrown in for good measure.
V Nives Poseidon Series
Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is one of the most recognizable figures in ancient mythology and a fitting name for this knife design.
V Nives Rocky Series
The Rocky series pairs ergonomic handles with ultra-functional blade styles that will perform all the tasks you can ask of them.
V Nives Scuff Series
The Scuff is an exceptionally lightweight, smooth flipper with great ergonomics and a nice array of features.
V Nives SFL Tanto Series
The SFL or Steel Frame Lock Tanto is the tactical blade you want if you're on a budget.
V Nives Stout Series
The Stout from V Nives is like a folding ARK Always Ready Knife from Spyderco. It nestles into the hand perfectly with a ton of belly that gives you a lot of cutting power in a very compact package.
V Nives Ti-Sportster
The Ti-Sportster is like a finely tuned automobile, fast and sleek without being over the top. Well, a little bit over the top but really, who's keeping track?
V Nives Vamp Series
The Vamp Dagger is a tactical blade with the look and feel of a daily carry companion.