You may be asking, “Who is Summit Knife Co.?”And “What the hell are they doing?” Along with “Are they insane?” We assume these questions come up for you because we often wonder ourselves. Ultimately, the answer is, this is what happens when you assemble a collective of knifemakers that are crazy about climbing. You get Summit Knife Co. A sound mixture of passion, insanity, and determination. 

We’re crazy about knives. And we’re certifiably insane about climbing. So it was inevitable these two obsessions would intersect. And this is how it happened. 

We were climbing in Yosemite. Living on the road on a trip across America. Our only objective was to climb as many mountains as possible. The problem is we are creators. So in between climbs, we grew restless. We needed to make something. And what better than the very tools that carried us to our most eye-opening moments. Knives are a shared passion among us. They represent everything we love about product design, functionality, and efficiency. Not to mention we’ve all been literally attached at the hip to knives since we were kids. Accidental experts. 

Our backgrounds vary. Product development, industrial design, manufacturing. We grew up in Georgia. No stranger to the outdoors. In fact, our connection with the outdoors was strong enough to carry us across the country in search of the next conquest covering a total of 30,000 miles of American ground in the process. 

All that to say we have some experience with testing the right knives against the right conditions. If you’re looking for a knife that’s easy to look at but you’re afraid to use, we may not have the knife for you. Our knives are built to be used. Every single one is tested against its namesake. Which brings us to Half Dome.

We’re climbing Half Dome, with Half Dome. We will put it through every test required to reach the top of the summit. And when it reaches the top, it will officially earn its title. And you can rest assured that if this knife can carry us to the top of this iconic mountain enduring everything we’re going to throw at it, that it can achieve everything else in between. So know that this knife was built with a purpose in mind. We know it needs to be tough. It needs to be rugged. And it needs to look damn good doing it. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ll be in Yosemite to take on Half Dome Spring of 2019. Because we’re always looking to the future, El Capitan is hard to miss when you’re standing on top of Half Dome.

Climb on!