Personal Comments from Customers

Good prices, awesome selection, shipped within a few days, and flawless product. This is my favorite place to buy cutlery online. -TheKingTiger

Shipping is always fast and the item ordered is always flawless. -Jaxxsun

Fastest. shipping. ever... my order (overseas) took only 4 days to arrive.. :) -Pedro V

Great company, great prices, great customer service. -Randy R

If Knife Center doesn't have it, it prolly doesn't exist. They have great customer service too. Extremely fast shipping and processing. -Timmy F

Good price, quick order processing, and fair shipping costs. What more could I ask for? -9outof10mms

Thank you folks for stellar service.  I apologize for a coupe of cancelled orders in the past, however, I do wish a long business relationship with you in the years left of my life.  I have such a passion for the art of edged instruments.  I truly learned my lesson ordering from places such as Ebay, Amazon, and private sales.  I'll pay the money because I know first hand you good folks have stellar customer service, and ensure I am getting what I order is authentic.  I'm certain from time to time you hear the horror stories from customers concerning the Chinese knock-off knives.  What thoroughly continues to confound me is the fact that there are thieves making a living on hard working Americans.  I'm retired now, and this is one of my hobbies.  I worked diligently, and hard all of my life.  I don't have much, but I earned everything I have.  When I spend a dollar, I expect to get precisely what I pay for. I was an honest business man my entire life since I started working at age 12.  I want to take this time to offer you a heartfelt thanks, and express my appreciation for all you do.  I wish you blessings, and continued success.  With grateful thanks, Professor Mark A. L, Ph.D.   

-Professor Mark A. L, Ph.D

I want to thank your excellent attention, and at the same time know that I received very well in Chile, all my purchases made by Boker Knives. They are really fantastic, and your service fantastic to. I am very happy and thank you very much again.

Im sure its not much to you guys compared to other customers, but I have spent what I consider a substantial amount of money with you the past few months.  You guys are so awesome to work with.  Your shipping is lightening fast.  Every time I call you always take the time to answer all my questions whether they are a pain to get answers for, or considered silly questions.  I just wanted to say, Thank You, and you can consider me a lifetime customer.  Have a great day!


On Friday June 24 I placed an order for another knife. I received a confirmation e-mail later that morning. Well then later that day I got another message telling me the order had shipped. Last week I had placed my first order with you and had commented that you were great to deal with. Some of the other comments had said you guys were not too good with customer service, YOU TELL THOSE SO-CALLED IDIOTS THEY ARE FULL OF IT !!!!!!!!! I have never ordered from a company that was as fast as you guys.
     Can't wait for my son to come home so we can place another order, Thank you and don't change.........

-Frederick S


I just wanted to let you know your video comparing then orange & pink versions of the ASP flashlight that is on sale was outstanding!
It alevites an questions, and makes the decision to purchase easy. Which it already is due to the top notch service, and fantastic pricing! You guys always have the best price! Thank you, everyone at KnifeCenter, from owner to shipper!!!

Sincerely: -Randy

Just a letter of thanks..its not often these days that you get truly good customer guys have excelled yourselves again, and I really appreciate it!!! take care and thanks from Canada! -Craig S

I want to thank Howard Korn for the swiss army knife I was sent. It sure was a nice surprise. I gave it to my wife to carry in her purse, I'm sure it will be used a lot. Not too long ago I bought the one with the pliers and I use that one all the time. It's a great little knife. Again thank you for the surprise box with a nice quality knife in it. -Craig F

AWESOME customer service! You’ve gone above and beyond what I asked for and made my day. I’ve had issues with other online stores recently and you’ve given me renewed hope that some places still care about their customers.

Thank you very much Patty and Jacquelyn, and may you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a joyous and prosperous New Year. -DE

Thank you very much . You guys don't fool around like some companies do . Get the order and ship it out as fast as you can . Excellent . -Henry

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These and other like comments really make the cutlery business on the web a very worthwhile pursuit. Thanks to all!

Howard Korn: Owner The KnifeCenter of the Internet