Personal Comments from Customers

I take the occasion to tell you that your service is great and I am very happy with it. It feels like it's being made professionally by people with passion (which is rare nowadays).

I placed my first order with The Knife Center/Internet on Tuesday 7/15. We had a brief email exchange on that day as well. The Spyderco knife I ordered as a result of your advice arrived at my home on Wednesday 7/16. It is a beautiful marriage of form and function and I am very pleased with it. Both the product and the service were excellent and I will be ordering from you again. In these days when shoddy service and lackluster performance seem to be accepted norms, it is truly refreshing to encounter a company that exceeds expectations. Thank you very much

Dear KCI... For several years now, I have been consistently impressed with your quite personable, " can do - no sweat " attitude !! You have repeatedly gone out of your way to find the rare, limited edition, out of production items while never breaking stride, and on several occasions have gone directly to the mfgr on my behalf. I have been collecting knives, firearms and militaria for decades, and I have never found a more helpful, courteous and knowledgable group than the good folks at KCI. Mr. Korn and staff set the bar high for quality of service, competitive pricing, complete lines of products and knowledge of the items you sale as well as the market. You have much to be proud of, and I look forward to a continuing relationship with an honest and professional company who cares for its clients and strives for excellence. Thank you for being in that rare class of providers who make your clients look forward to the next transaction. I actually prefer buying on the phone, as it is like a short visit with a friend rather than a business transaction. Respectfully, Jerry -Jerry

I want to compliment you and your organization for offering such a wonderful product catalog. The manner in which the products are presented, the photos, the reviews, the links, all done in the best way I've seen done anywhere on the internet. My thanks and appreciation for a super experience.

Dear KCI:
I recently ordered a Benchmade Sentinel from your company. Your representative was very professional, helpful and courteous. I have read positive things about KCI and now I have first hand knowledge to back up those claims. BTW, I love my Sentinel!
Thanks again.

The Knife Center of the Internet is the most comprehensive catalog of cutlery that I have ever seen. I have been collecting functional and show knives for over nine years, and the Knife Center meets all of my collectors needs. I never need to order another catalog!

My compliments for exceptional service. I was surprised to receive the knife I ordered last week in yesterday's mail. Not sure how you worked it with the post office. I promise to let the folks I work with know about your company. Again thank you!

Fantastic web site, and super fast, too! You have a heck of a selection and a heck of a web site manager. Thanks for the enjoyment, I will order for you.

Amazing. As a collector I really recommend this page as a starting place if someone is interested in knives or swords. This is simply the only good place to get proper information about cold steel blades ! Go and see !

Hi, I visited America 6 times.I've been always seeking knife shop and spents toil and trouble until I find out KnifeCenter.I decide to buy knife that I'll buy in future from knifeCenter. Because KnifeCenter have a many kinds of maker and guides special products.For instanse, boker's black-blade cannot find in Japan and California sports shop that I visited.Only KnifeCenter guides me to boker special product.Fathermore,cost is cheaper than the other Japan shop.To think traffic cost and time,I choose KnifeCenter at first even if I are in US!

My order arrived in fours days! Outstanding service and the selecttion of knives exceeds that of all the mail-order knife companies with whom I am am familiar. The Gerber Multi-lock may be the best multi-tool that I have used. The SOG small Jet Edge is much lighter in weight that thought it would be, excellent!

I've just received my order I placed through The Knife Center and was quite pleased. I ordered a Case knife and Lansky sharpener.There were many things I was pleased with.The prices were by far the best I could find.I went to many knife shops in my community and none matched your prices. I also didn't have to hassle with salespeople telling me what I needed or didn't need. You had all the information I needed to purchase a good product .It was also the easiest purchased I've ever made.In fact I can't think of any complaints only that I wish I could afford to buy more stuff.Delivery of my products only took 10 days,thats much more reasonable than 6-8 weeks other orders take.I've passed the word around to my friends.I look forward to future purchases.

I NEVER comment on a web page, but this was so well laid-out that I had to say something! Everything seems to arranged to perfection with the customers ease of use in mind. Kudos for such a great site!

I just want to thank you for my recent purchase of a Cold Steel Bird and Trout knife. I use this knife so much that when I lost mine on a Saturday I ordered a new one on Monday night and you delivered it on Wednesday! From Maryland to Wisconsin via USPS Priority Mail. To say the least I am shocked. I am going on a fishing trip in a week and I expected the knife to arrive just in time. Never would I have believed I would have it in less than 48 hours! Every Christmas I give knives to all my friends and family whether they are kitchen knives, pocket knives or hunting knives, and I gurantee I will ONLY buy them from the Knife Center. Thank you for your great service and selection!

An excellent source for information. Not only are your prices extremely competative, but the explanations, pictures, details and reviews are very helpful. When I started looking for a replacement knife, I had no idea of the current state of the knifemakers art. Your homepage gave the the specific information I needed to make an educated decision. Thank you.

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These and other like comments really make the cutlery business on the web a very worthwhile pursuit. Thanks to all!

Howard Korn: Owner The KnifeCenter of the Internet