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Living in a smaller town it is very hard to find a dedicated knife shop, so I discovered The Knifecenter, I was taken aback by ease of browsing, bottom line prices and selection. If this wasn't enough, there is also Leela Rae stone inlay, now this you CAN'T find anywhere else.

Just thought I would drop you folks a note to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase and the expedient way it arrived. I had been searching for this type of sharpener for two years without success after breaking one of the ceramic rods on the sharpener that I had purchased from a cutlery store in Madison that had gone out of business. The Gatstix Ceramic V is an exact replica of the old sharpener and it is perfect. Thanks again you guys have a great internet site and great products.

I have just ordered the Timberline Specwar thru your internet service. First I e-mailed and asked to get some info concerning shipping. Your agents call me back the following day, that was fast service!! I am glad that you guys are doing such a professional job out there. Thanks again.

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I received my CQC 975SBT today, and it is excellent! Benchmade makes a superior product and the Knife Center offers a superior service. Good job!

Dear Mr Korn Yesterday I already recieved my double edge. Much thankyo, it`s splendid, I have to say more... Yours sincerely

I have to admit this is the best blade resource I have ever found. Not only it has enriched my knowledge on the knife business, but also helped me to acquire some of them premium knives at very low cost. Your prices are generally 30-50% lower than those in our local knife stores, and my friends are starting to ask me to buy for them. I appreciate your service and look forward to more news from the KnifeCenter

I have to say, I've never run across a more informative Knife place in my entire life. No store or catalog can touch your site. So far I've researched and purchased several knives from you and I hope to keep doing so.

Wow! Nice new look! I visit your page daily, and it is the most informative and extensive knife page on the internet. I have been collecting knives for about ten years, and the knives I collect are functional blades, so it is important to have as much information on them a s possible before I purchase them, else they fail during use. Other knife pages seem slipshod compared to the page that you put together. The prices are fantastic, and the service is incomperable. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

I want to thank all of your staff for what appears to be a consistant "customer friendly" attitude. I originally sent an e-mail asking for assistance in choosing between three different knives. The e-mail which was returned was helpful, but failed in setting my decision. A few days later, having narrowed the field to only two knives, I telephoned with the intention of placing an order, still unable to decide between knives of two diversely different technologies. The representitive who assisted me was not only helpful, but truly seemed interested in selling me the knife which best suited my needs and taste. This must surely be the case, as the knife which he helped me choose was not the most expensive of those considered. The associates who work with my company could take a lesson on the true meaning of customer focused sales. Congratulations.

Hi Just wanted to say thank you for the speed of international delivery.
It must have taken around 3 or 4 days to arrive from the US to England - how bloody fast is that!!!!
You obviously have your process for shipping incredibly well organized as I couldn't believe just how fast it arrived. I buy a lot of items from the US, but this had to be the fastest by a big THANK YOU AND WELL DONE!!!!
And you can be sure that, as a collector, I will be buying many more knives from you in the future.
Thanks again!
Leslie -Leslie

Just want to say thanks for all the great service over the past year. I've purchased from stores, and even other internet companies, but KnifeCenter's commitment to quality and reliability is unparalled..

Wow, ordered my Leatherman WAVE a few days ago and received it in Austria (Europe) today. That's how Internet commerce and service should be. Btw, I like your site, up to date and very informative.

I read all the customer comments at your internet site and I did not believe they were all genuine, but after receiving my order from you today I now believe they all must be for real, 7 days to Australia you must have broke all records for service.
Happy Customer From Down Under

I just wanted to say BRAVO! I have been purchasing knives from you for three years and am happy to say you not only gave me the best deals but your quality and sales personel were great. Thanks for your work and may you keep it up for years to come. Thanks
VERY Satisfied knife collector.

This is just Great!!! We have been looking for different types of multi- tools and your site has helped tremendously!!! I'm also going to use you when I want fine cutlery. You give out loads of info and photos which help alot. Keep up the good work and THANX!!!

Thank you very much for your elaborate service and prompt handling of my order (Gil Hibben Dragon Lord)! I received the knife 8 days after ordering and thats a new record, regarding that shipments in GERMANY normally need up to 14 days for delivery! You've got yourself a very pleased customer!!! Proceed with your good work...
With best wishes (live, grow and expand!), yours sincerely

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These and other like comments really make the cutlery business on the web a very worthwhile pursuit. Thanks to all!

Howard Korn: Owner The KnifeCenter of the Internet