AceBeam X65 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Battery Pack 14.4V - 6,800mAh - X65-BP


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Part #: ACBX65BP | AceBeam
ACBX65BP: X65 LED Flashlight Battery Pack
How annoying is it when you go to use a flashlight and the batteries are dead? Or the situation could be more dire and you're in a search and rescue situation where your main tool cuts out. That's when you wished you had a replacement battery pack and if you're using the AceBeam X65, you're now in luck. This is a custom-made 6,800mAh 14.4V lithium-ion battery pack for that particular model and it's exactly the same as you'd find on the actual flashlight. Use it as a replacement for a dying battery or supplement the one you have now to have a second fully-charged ready to rock when you need it.

To charge the battery, connect the universal power pack (supplied with the flashlight originally) to a main power supply (110/220v AC). Unscrew the DC Lock cap on the tail-cap and connect the lead from the power pack. A red light on the tail-cap indicates charging in progress, while a green light indicates charging is complete. A full charge will take three hours. Disconnect the power pack when the green light appears and re-attach the DC Lock cap. Note that the battery pack can be charged independently of the head.
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