Cold Steel 92BKKC Bokken Polypropylene Trainer 30" Blade


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CS92BKKC: 92BKKC Bokken

Cold Steel

Our improved Cold Steel Japanese Training Swords are closely modeled after the world-famous Warrior series swords. Featuring an intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip - molded in high impact polypropylene - they offer superior grip and comfort as well as more realistic training potential for the modern Martial Artist.

Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese discovered a simple truth; that to become a good swordsman you'll have to practice, a great deal. To become a great swordsman you'll have to practice with a "live blade". And during the period between "good" and "great", you should spend your time building your skills and confidence enough to wield a razor sharp Katana safely and effectively.

To accomplish this, the Japanese relied on a simple wooden sword called a "bokken" for much of their training. It was made from the super tough wood of the Japanese White Oak, a wood they called Kashi. The swords produced from this wood had the advantage of replicating the size, weight and feel of a steel sword, while minimizing the possibility of causing grievous or permanent injury to those who used it.

Authentic Kashi wood Bokkens are still used today, but are becoming quite costly. They also have the disadvantages, being made of wood, that they may rot, crack split or splinter. Cold Steel's solution to these dilemmas was to design a synthetic substitute, low in price and impervious to the elements.

The Bokken is made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available and closely duplicate a real Katana in length, size, weight and feel. While they're not quite as rigid as wood, they have the advantages of being virtually unbreakable and remarkably stiff and cut resistant.


  • Item Number: 92BKKC
  • Name: Bokken
  • Weight: 19.9 oz.
  • Blade Thickness: 1"
  • Blade Length: 30"
  • Handle: 11-1/2" Long.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Overall: 41-1/2"
  • Made in Taiwan
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.
Cold Steel 92BKKC Bokken Polypropylene Trainer 30" Bladerated 5.000 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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Cold Steel 92BKKC Bokken Polypropylene Trainer 30" Blade
rated 5 stars out of 5
Westminster, Ca
Jul 06, 2018
Pros: Overall Quality
Cons: None
best training sword
receive to my package well worth the wait. I used to a hockey tape to wrap the handle for better grip and better shock absorbent. Right after I striked the tree in my backyard hard as I could. It doesn't break of course and it's alot of fun practicing without doing alot of damage. I can tell you could easily break your opponents arm if hit hard enough. it's also a great option for real martial artist to use for self defense situation, if you don't want to use bladed weapon. thanks knifecenter and Coldsteel. Polypropylene was a great idea for practice and self defense use
Cold Steel 92BKKC Bokken Polypropylene Trainer 30" Blade
rated 5 stars out of 5
Blue Monkey
Upstate , Ny
Jan 11, 2017
Pros: Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
Cold Steel does it again !
Cold Steel's trainers just keep getting better and better - the fit and finish on this bokken is excellent. I especially appreciate the 'faux' cord wrapping and ray skin visible in between - a really nice touch. The tsuba is also well cast and feels to be solidly mounted. What I like most about this bokken is the complex blade geometry - Cold Steel did not skimp in any way on fact one could say it's almost too pretty to use....almost. While being plastic this sword is easily sturdy and rigid enough to spar with - though do expect it to get beat up a bit if you go full tilt. As far as balance I don't know enough about katanas to make that call - but it feels great in the hand to me and is easy to wield quickly and accurately. My guess would be it's a little bit heavier than the real thing - which is exactly what you want in a trainer. Overall , in my most humble opinion this is an excellent value for money spent !


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