Fox FX-598 Fixed Blade Karambit Knife 2.36" Black Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath - 02FX700


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FOXFX598: FX-598 Karambit Fixed Blade
Fox Knives
Italy's Fox Knives have taken their classic folding karambit and released it as a fixed blade. With the same ergonomics as the original, the FX-598 is even stronger thanks to its full tang construction!

The FX-598 features premium N690 steel and a 2.36" hawkbill blade with a full-length swedge to enhance penetration and slicing efficiency. A small Spanish notch at the heel of the blade provides an advantage when it comes time to sharpen the steel.

Textured G10 handle scales have relief for hand comfort, but machined grooves and the signature karambit tail ring mean you won’t be slipping anytime soon. You can also thank the jimped thumb ramp and finger guard for added control.

A Kydex sheath is provided for ambidextrous carry with the included belt adapter. This keeps the FX-598 ready for when you need it the most.


The cobalt-alloyed N690 by Böhler (not to be confused with the lower-grade N695) is a very reliable upper middle-grade steel Fox uses for a wide variety of projects. The fine-grained N690, which ranks above 440C, offers convincing performance data in all areas. It is often sold as N690Co – the "Co" stands for cobalt and describes the exact same steel.
  • Blade Length: 2.36"
  • Handle Length: 4.52"
  • Overall Length: 6.88"
  • Blade Material: N690
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC
  • Blade Style: Hawkbill
  • Blade Finish: Black 
  • Handle Material: Black G10
  • Sheath Material: Kydex
  • Weight: 4.7 oz.
  • Made in Italy

UPC Code: 788857711248

Kydex Sheath
Kydex Sheath Waterproof, scratch resistant, and low friction. It will hold its shape and makes a great alternative to leather.
G10 Handles
G10 Handles Formed in a sheet under high pressure by combining fiberglass and an epoxy resin binder. These handles are lightweight and shaped to ensure a solid grip.
Fox FX-598 Fixed Blade Karambit Knife 2.36" Black Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheathrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (3 reviews)
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Fox FX-598 Fixed Blade Karambit Knife 2.36" Black Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Clayton C.
El Paso, Texas
Mar 26, 2020
Pros: Sheath/Scabbard
Cons: None
I made a mistake! The belt clip design DOES fit very nicely on civilian belts. This belt clip DOES NOT fit on Standard Issued Military Belts. I tried to clip the belt clip design on 4 of my civilian belts, they all fit. I tried to clip the belt clip design on my Standard Issued Military Belt, it did not fit. The Standard Issued Military Belt was too wide for the belt clip. But I am sure you can still find a spot that the belt clip design will fit. Whether you find a spot to clip it to your Assault Pack, your Rucksack, or IOTV. You can still make something happen.
Fox FX-598 Fixed Blade Karambit Knife 2.36" Black Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Clayton C
El Paso, Texas
Feb 20, 2020
Pros: Blade Material, Materials, Handle Material, Weight, Finish, Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
FOX 598 Fighting Karambit Review
This blade is HIGHLY CONCEALABLE. When you grasp the tough rugged micarta handles and they grip into your skin you feel and know you have full control and maneuverability with this weapon. It is light, strong, durable, swift, quick, fast and deadly. It almost feels like you are just swinging the handle because you don’t feel the weight of the blade -BUT the blade is there! And it will slice open with ease. The blade has a nice little thickness to it for its concealable almost invisible (seemingly) type of size. This size Karambit is JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. You just have to FEEL one to know you have a very well crafted, Good Quality, balanced solid weapon in your hand(s). And that blade comes to the most WICKEDEST SHARP TIP and it is WICKED SHARP -Double Beveled too! You could do some serious and deadly finesse work with this weapon. It is swift like the wind and will scratch and slice wide open with its strength and efficiency.I was kind of hesitant about purchasing this FOX 598 Karambit but it is made by FOX Knives in Italy (so you know quality is a high priority) so that was a plus. Another plus is that I wanted a DOUBLE BEVEL Karambit, this FOX 598 had that; that was a plus. I also wanted a FIXED BLADE Karambit. Fixed blades give better strength. Less things will loosen, rattle, break and / or come apart. Fixed blade was a plus. I want the FOX Kuku-Hanuman (mostly for its larger size than the FOX 598 and because it is a FIXED BLADE) because it is rarer to come across, looks serious (and is serious) looks cool and is all about business. The FOX 598 just seemed too small for me because I am a Larger Muscular Man 5’9 - 5’10 about 235lbs - 240lbs. I was also seriously going to get a fixed blade Karambit made by Emerson. But knowing me and my Love for weapons, blades, swords, knives and especially Karambits. I’ll probably get a fixed blade Emerson in the near future. But I didn’t get the Emerson because I could get 2 VERY GOOD Karambits for the price of 1 fixed blade Karambit made by Emerson. I got this FOX 598 & the Cold Steel Tiger Claw which is a better value for the money. I get my FOX 598 fixed blade which is made with a medium grade steel. But I also get a folder from Cold Steel with their VERY VERY STRONG... TRI-AD LOCKING SYSTEM that they have for all of their folders and when you see the amount of weight they hang on their folders and the weight they can support and handle without breaking it just makes you want to buy one. And this Cold Steel Tiger Claw is made with a High End Steel too! That CTS-XHP steel! It is a high end steel nothing mediocre about it, that is one reason why it has a higher price tag! So I am Glad and Content. I got a Good deal / value for my money by purchasing the FOX 598 and the Cold Steel Tiger Claw for about $260 compared to getting only the fixed blade Emerson Karambit for $242 -And the Emerson Karambit is only beveled on one side! I passed on it.I wanted a fighting knife to serve me Good; as I am in the Military (U.S. ARMY) and to also carry outside of uniform. And I wanted a knife that is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, EXTREMELY EFFICIENT (minimal effort maximum damage type of thing) CONCEALABLE, and I wanted a knife that IS EXTREMELY DEADLY, FATAL, and LETHAL. And that title will go to the Karambit. The sheath feels so powdery smooth as it is tough, strong and durable. I really like the way the sheath feels. It’s a kind of feel I have not ever felt before compared to other kydex sheaths like my Steel Tiger kydex sheath, which has a very fine grain sand type of feel. And my KA-BAR kydex sheath which is smooth but has wider spacing in between the kydex texture. This FOX 598 kydex texture feels powdery smooth; I Like it. -The belt clip though... don’t bother using it. It is a nice idea for the belt clip design. Only thing is... your belt would have to be the width of a Fruit Roll Up for the belt clip to even fit. Sheath Good, belt clip... could use that one improvement mostly. You may find a belt that is a width that will fit but most belts made in America won’t fit. Maybe in Italy their belt widths aren’t as wide I don’t know. You may find a belt that will fit in this smaller belt clip it would just require some diligent shopping and looking.P.S. I just about sliced open darn near everything in my place. Cereal boxes, opening up things that didn’t need to be open yet. Slicing open the plastic wrappers that the soap comes in. Slicing open the wrapper on the Twin Pack of mouthwash. Slicing papers on the counter, slicing open the cardboard packaging that the New office desks came in. Then after I broke out of my “zone” and seen the results from my “test case study” I was like: “Dang! It works!” Oh yeah... accidentally sliced open my duffle bag on accident as well as I was “gathering data.” Just know that karambits are VERY UNFORGIVING once you commit... your going all the way. Ain’t no having regrets once you commit to that swing. You are just going to have to live with it.
Fox FX-598 Fixed Blade Karambit Knife 2.36" Black Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Westminster, ca
Nov 10, 2018
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Material, Materials, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
hidden and deadly
out the box sharp as hell. slim and light. easily concealable under the shirt. the rydex sheath holds well and fits neatly on the belt


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