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FSUBC: Single-Bay Smart Battery Charger


This is FOURSEVEN's own single-bay smart charger. It has a constant-current, constant-voltage (CC/CV) circuit. This means it will maintain a constant current to the battery until the terminating voltage (user selectable) is reached, then it will maintain a constant voltage; thus, the current is naturally reduced as the voltage approaches the terminating voltage.

The charger can also be powered by USB and comes with a USB/MiniUSB power adapter!


Caution! This charger is only compatible with the above listed rechargeable, protected battery sizes! Please ensure your battery is both protected rechargeable and compatible with the charger!

Always insert batteries into the charger with the positive terminal facing toward the "FOURSEVENS" logo! Incorrectly inserting the battery is dangerous and may cause personal injury!

Plug the adapter into the appropriate outlet (wall / car / USB). Both the car adapter and the wall outlet power supply have a red LED that illuminates when the adapter is properly plugged in.

Plug the adapter into the appropriate port on the charger (primary or miniUSB).

The LED at the base of the charger will illuminate GREEN if properly plugged in and no battery is inserted.

Select the charging settings appropriate for your battery (for example, lithium-ion batteries generally require 4.2V, and either 0.5A or 1.0A):

As a general rule, the charging voltage should be set to the fully charged voltage of your battery (e.g., lithium-ion tend to be 4.2V fully charged), and the charging current should not surpass the total capacity of your battery (e.g., our AW14500 has a capacity of 750mAh, so it should be charged with the 0.5A/500mAh setting, not the 1.0A setting)

Insert rechargeable battery with the positive terminal facing toward the 4Sevens logo on the charger. This is very important! Double-check your battery orientation before inserting it into the charger.

The LED at the base of the charger will illuminate RED when the battery is properly inserted and has begun to recharge. If the LED does not turn red, ensure the battery is properly oriented (positive terminal facing the 4Sevens logo) and fitted securely against the charger's holding tabs.

The LED at the base of the charger will illuminate GREEN when the battery has completed charging.

Compatible Battery Sizes

  • 14500 (AA)
  • 16340 (RCR123A)
  • 17670
  • 18500
  • 18650
  • 26650


  • Two user-selectable voltage settings: 3.6V or 4.2V
  • Two user-selectable current settings: 0.5A or 1.0A
  • Primary Input Voltage: 12.0V, 1A
  • Secondary (USB) Input Voltage: 5.0V, 500mA
  • Wall/outlet Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
  • Output Voltage: 3.6V~4.2V, 500mA~1000mA
  • Included adapters: wall/outlet power supply, car accessory port adapter, and USB-to-MiniUSB adapter

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