KA-BAR KJ Jones 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower 15.625" Overall 1095 Cro-Van Steel


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KA1120: Thunderhorse Thrower
KA-BAR Knives
The ThunderHorse Thrower, designed by International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame member KJ Jones, is the only throwing knife in the KA-BAR line. The ThunderHorse Thrower is made to competition specs, measuring 15.625" overall with excellent balance and a very positive weight. It is destined to become your go-to thrower.

KJ Jones is the owner and operator of ThunderHorse Blades Handmade Custom Knives. KJ is a 2013 International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Inductee. KJ is also a Wild West Kills Performer, Professional Horsewoman and Equine Performer. KJ brings her knowledge and expertise to KA-BAR as the designer of the ThunderHorse Thrower, a competition-size throwing knife.
  • 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower
  • Overall Length: 15.625"
  • Blade Length: 10.25"
  • Thickness: 0.195"
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
  • HRC: 57-58
  • Handle: 1095 Cro-Van
  • Sheath: None
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Made in the USA

UPC Code: 617717211201

Steel Handles
Steel Handles Stainless Steel knife handles provide strength and durability and look and feel great.
Leather Sheath
Leather Sheath Leather is known for its durability and traditional appeal. When compared to Kydex it is preferred for its silence when bumped against other objects, as well as blade retention.
1095 Carbon Steel
1095 Carbon Steel An excellent hard use steel, 1095 is a primary choice for camping and larger fixed blade knives for its extreme toughness and ability to hold an edge. Corrosion resistance is very limited with this steel (it will rust) and most blades come with a coating to prevent premature rusting.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
KA-BAR KJ Jones 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower 15.625" Overall 1095 Cro-Van Steelrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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KA-BAR KJ Jones 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower 15.625" Overall 1095 Cro-Van Steel
rated 5 stars out of 5
Edmond, OK
Aug 26, 2020
Pros: Materials, Finish, Overall Quality, Weight, Blade Material, None
Cons: Sheath/Scabbard, Blade Sharpness
Throwing Bowie
I bought two of these. The first one I use for throwing (obviously). It has amazing balance, a strong point, and flies true even over twenty yards. The cosmetic details are really nice and it’s fun to throw. For the second one, I stripped and polished the bevels, added hickory scales and brass pins to the handle, and made a leather sheath from bull hide. It makes an awesome field knife that chops and batons really well. It’s got a perfect cutting grind and holds a sharp edge even in extreme use. If you want a great throwing knife or you’re just looking for a great, affordable Bowie, GET THIS KNIFE.
KA-BAR KJ Jones 1120 Thunderhorse Thrower 15.625" Overall 1095 Cro-Van Steel
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tom H
Mar 26, 2019
Pros: Blade Material, Finish, Handle Material, Weight, Overall Quality, None
Cons: Sheath/Scabbard
Giddy-up ThunderHorse
Whoa, Nellie! This is a thoroughbred of a thrower. Just, has a lot of visual appeal, beautiful lines and graphics. I just love the detail in the ThunderHorse Logo. This would make such a stunning presentation in a display case, I kinda hate to throw it and scratch it up. Maybe I can find funds to buy a 2nd one. ThunderHorse is a heavy weight throwing knife. Balance is forward of handle; fulcrum at center of fletching in arrow (if that means anything to you?). … Well, I took it out and gave it a whirl. Planted it solidly in the target on my 2nd throw. Excellent weight and balance, a very intuitive throwing knife. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It seems, KaBar is a one trick pony. I know they probably, buy 1095 CroVan by the train load, and get a good price on it that way. But, couldn’t they have sprung for a special order of 1055 tool steel for this knife (softer, tougher steel, less prone to breakage than, 1095 CroVan)? I thought they may have done a special, lower tempering; but, checking the specs, this 57-58 HRC on ThunderHorse is a harder range than the 56-58 HRC on their USMC Fighting Knife. ??? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m sure almost everyone’s first thought is, “Couldn’t KaBar at least, provide a cheap plastic lined, nylon sheath?” Other throwing knives I have purchased have not included sheaths. I collect knives made all over the world, but, I like to support U.S.A. knife makers when I spot a worthy offering. If, not providing a sheath is what it takes to keep this knife affordable/sell-able, and keep American workers in a job, I’m okay with that. I plan on making a between the shoulder blades, harness sheath. I remember seeing this in my childhood (old “B” Movie Western, Sky King, Rawhide, Lone Ranger, Daniel Boone TV show?), where a guy reaches up to tip his hat, scratch his head, or, wipe his brow, and in a blink of the eye, a knife is whirling thru the air towards its target. This knife seems to be begging for such a sheath. You can probably make one with a cheap nylon shoulder holster harness. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For KaBar’s first throwing knife, I think they found the right knife designer in KJ Jones (could find no evidence that KaBar, or their parent company, United Cutlery Co. ever made a throwing knife?). I look forward to seeing further collaborations with her. ThunderHorse is just a handsome, well designed thrower. I’d saddle-up on this one. Definitely, one to have in your stable.


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