KA-BAR 1213 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Kydex Sheath


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KA1213: Full Size Black

KA-BAR Knives

New and Traditional Patterns Combined with High Quality Material.

A combination of new and traditional designs made with high quality materials make these knives that perform as well as they look. Designed to be appealing to the eye and hard working all Black KA-BARS feature attractive black blades and black, non-slip handles. Kydex sheaths available for traditional and new patterns.

Modeled after the legendary U.S.M.C. Knife. This knife was designed to perform like the famous U.S.M.C. KA-BAR. The knife has a Polymer thermo elastic handle that provides a comfortable grip under stress. This highly dependable knife comes with a Kydex sheath and is tang stamped USA.


  • Oval shaped Polymer handles
  • High carbon steel blades (1095)
  • Powdered metal butt caps, carbon steel guards, both powder coated


  • Blade Length: 7"
  • Overall Length: 11 3/4"
  • Shape: Clip
  • Edge Angle: 20 degrees
  • Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Kraton
  • Kydex Sheath
  • Knife made in USA; Sheath made in Mexico

UPC Code: 617717212130

1095 Carbon Steel
1095 Carbon Steel An excellent hard use steel, 1095 is a primary choice for camping and larger fixed blade knives for its extreme toughness and ability to hold an edge. Corrosion resistance is very limited with this steel (it will rust) and most blades come with a coating to prevent premature rusting.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
KA-BAR 1213 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Kydex Sheathrated 4.444 stars out of 5 (18 reviews)
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KA-BAR 1213 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Kydex Sheath
rated 3 stars out of 5
Camper Guy
Feb 07, 2018
Pros: Finish, Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Weight, Sheath/Scabbard, None
Cons: Finish
A non straight blade
Aesthetically speaking, this knife I received February 2017 is no good as the blade obviously looks bent. On close inspection, the start and mid section of the blade had a subtle but large bend to it, and at the tip, the last third of the blade is visibly bent one way. I am no knife expert so I am not sure what to think of this. Using a good straight metal ruler, the tip of the blade seem to be bent a millimeter off center from what I can tell, and then the first part of the blade has a large bend of half a millimeter.I found it odd that the paper cover for the knife obviously has a subtle bending line straight across ca 2cm off the tip/front end. As if the blade perhaps was bent after the manufacturing process perhaps, but again, I am no expert on this subject matter. The paper cover is labeled '1228' (perhaps a parts number), the blade '1211'.The visible piece of the tang at the end sticks out about 1/3 of a millimeter, making me wonder if this was supposed to be flush with the but end or not.The knife handle is colored black and has a nice grip feel to it imo. Not soft, but indents slightly with a press of my finger nail.The sheath is colored black, and has a subtle texture to it.This review is based on my very first impression of this knife having received the knife today, and this review is not based on any experience from using the knife in any way.
KA-BAR 1213 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Kydex Sheath
rated 1 stars out of 5
Charlie S.
Jul 22, 2016
Pros: Sheath/Scabbard, None
Cons: Blade Material, Blade Sharpness, Finish
I bought this knife for camping duty, general use, processing wood for fires, that sort of thing. In all fairness, I chose the wrong knife. From the reviews, I thought this was a tough well made knife. The edge was sharp enough to cut, but not very well executed. I was expecting better. It isn't a smooth cutter/carver out of the box. I need to put a good edge on it, but I don't know if this knife is worth the work. While batoning some firewood at night, the next morning I noticed the handle was badly bent where it met the blade. The tang just couldn't handle the task. The coating on the blade came right off. It's really a poor coating. This is a very fragile knife. Batoning voids Kabar's warranty. I easily bent the tang back straight again. It really didn't take much force to straighten it. That scares me. This knife now needs to be disassembled, the blade stripped, and then it needs the edge to be profiled and sharpened. I'm not sure the knife is worth the work. Like I said, I picked the wrong knife for the task at hand.
KA-BAR 1213 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Kydex Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Jul 21, 2015
Pros: Materials, Handle Material, Blade Material, Blade Sharpness, Weight, Overall Quality, None
Cons: Finish, Sheath/Scabbard
I used this knife for clearing brush and splitting wood. It kept its edge after much use. However, some to the black finish is coming off from splitting wood. The sheath that it comes with is alright but I upgraded to a better one. I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a quality knife.
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