Reviews and Ratings for CIVIVI Knives C904DS-2 Elijah Isham Plethiros Flipper Knife 3.45" Damascus Blade, Golden Sandalwood Handles

CIVIVI Knives C904DS-2 Elijah Isham Plethiros Flipper Knife 3.45" Damascus Blade, Golden Sandalwood Handlesrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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CIVIVI Knives C904DS-2 Elijah Isham Plethiros Flipper Knife 3.45 inch Damascus Blade, Golden Sandalwood Handles


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CIVIVI Knives C904DS-2 Elijah Isham Plethiros Flipper Knife 3.45" Damascus Blade, Golden Sandalwood Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tom Horn
Mar 21, 2020
Pros: Handle Material, Overall Quality, Lock Ease of Use, Handle Feel, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
Affordable, Carry-able Elegance
This Plethiros is quite a stunning folder, despite the deceptiveness on CIVIVI’s part. Great lines, beautiful wood, and Damascus-esk steel. You didn’t expect real Damascus steel (two steels pattern welded together) for $100, did you? How about a little honesty from knife manufacturers? This should be called, “Acid-etched Damascus,” in the description and title (blade finish is listed as “acid etch” in the fine print of specs). Same with labels like, “surgical steel,” “440 series,” “stainless + inox,” “high carbon steel,” or hiding the cheap steel you’re using under a proprietary name. All steels have known properties/compositions/formulations. This practice gives the knife industry the sleazy tinge of a crooked used car salesman. What steel did CIVIVI acid-etch to make this knife? Who knows? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arrived scalpel sharp. You could perform surgery with this blade. I have long complained that tactical blades are getting too thick to be efficient cutting tools. No complaints, here. This thin edged blade is a slicer/dicer. I’m just blindly trusting that CIVIVI used some quality steel that may hold an edge. Opens easily, blade is well centered between liners, as in picture above. Liner lock is easy to access w/thumb. I’ll give the handle 4 out of 5 for comfort; but a 5 in grip security. Clip is a little rough on the pinky. I may remove it (not a clip guy). Love the shape and curve of handle; and the downward cant of the blade, which keeps point aligned with direction of force in a thrust (aligned with the radius [long bone of forearm], so you’re not bending your wrist). Came with proper Bling: nice nylon zippered pouch, polishing cloth, and a couple of WE/CIVIVI stickers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No real Damascus steel has been made since the 17th or 18th Century. It was probably lost to the world in famine, plague, and war; the old smiths with the knowledge of the formula/process passing away quickly before they were able to pass their knowledge on to the next generation (much like the loss of Syrian Latakia pipe tobacco, today). If Plethiros’s blade had been made of pattern welded steel (or, Damasteel), it would probably cost $300-$500; and would end up sitting in a drawer, or display case. Plethiros’s acid-etched blade has the beauty and elegance of pattern welded steel, but priced so you won’t hesitate to carry this stunning folder. I know I should deduct a star, or two, for the deceptive practice of calling this Damascus, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I just like it too, much. But, I plead here with the knife industry to clean-up their sleazy practices (note: most USA knife manufacturers practice transparency in materials used). Plethiros is a nice knife to wear with your dress slacks, when you don’t want that giant hunk of Cold Steel imprinting through your pocket. Wow. I see this was popular with other knife enthusiasts, as it sold “out of stock” before I could finish this review. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Let’s all support the great staff at KnifeCenter in this time of deep economic downturn. They have been here for us through thick ‘n’ thin, providing us with fine cutlery, excellent service, and speedy deliveries. Stay safe; keep your knives sharp, your tomahawk handy, and your powder dry.
CIVIVI Knives C904DS-2 Elijah Isham Plethiros Flipper Knife 3.45" Damascus Blade, Golden Sandalwood Handles
rated 4 stars out of 5
Jul 31, 2020
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Weight, Pocket Clip, None
Cons: Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Lock Ease of Use
Very Nice, But!
DISCLAIMER!! I'm a newbie to buying/carrying/using knives; but everybody starts somewhere, right? I first saw this knife on's weekly review. I looked it up, and really liked it. Still do. It is a beautiful, slim gentleman's carry. Overall, I'm very happy with it. There are a few things that I wonder about; like why do they call it Damascus steel, when it's not; it's acid etched. Seems like false advertising to me. There's no spring in the opening mechanism, so you'll definitely need some serious wrist action to lock it open. Also, I know wood colors vary - a lot - but mine is more dark brown, darker brown, and black! Seem's like a major variation to me. Also, the clip end of the knife has a lot of wasted space because the blade is very narrow there, so there's lots of space between the two halves of the handle. Why not make the spacer thinner, so the handle space/gap is not so thick there. Then, with the clip, it would almost be the same width at both ends. There's plenty of space to lose at that end. Is it a thing to have the two sides of the handle always be parallel? OH, and the handle length is short if you have anything bigger than average hand size. So, not sure it's worth $102. but it does look good, so I'll keep it.