Reviews and Ratings for Kershaw 1336BW Halogen Flipper Knife 3.25" Blackwashed Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Over G10 Handles

Kershaw 1336BW Halogen Flipper Knife 3.25" Blackwashed Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Over G10 Handlesrated 4.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Kershaw 1336BW Halogen Flipper Knife 3.25 inch Blackwashed Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Over G10 Handles


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Kershaw 1336BW Halogen Flipper Knife 3.25" Blackwashed Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Over G10 Handles
rated 4 stars out of 5
Steve F
Rochester, NY
May 07, 2017
GREAT EDC value for the money!
This knife is faintly reminiscent of something from Kershaw's higher Zero Tolerance line: the 770cf (which I also own). The carbon fiber scales, blade size (not shape), Speedsafe assisted open, and general look of this folder really remind me of my 0770cf. Side-by-side, they look like they're from the same family. Now of course there are VERY significant differerences between those two knives (blade steel, build, quality of materials, etc.). The ZT is obviously a much higher level folder. But it's not FIVE TIMES better. And the ZT0770cf costs about that much more than this Kershaw Halogen. The Halogen is probably half the knife that the 0770cf is...but for one-fifth the price! Kershaw has done a remarkable job with the Halogen, at this price point. Here is my brief run-down: -scales: the carbon fiber laminate over G10 isn't really a carbon fiber handle. It's actually not grippy at all; a little on the slick side. This would not be my favorite folder to use in wet conditions. -blade: The hollow grind, modified clip point slices very well and the tip pierces well. The swedge keeps the blade thick enough close to the tip so that it lends strength. The blackwash looks cool, but has the added advantage of camouflaging wear marks or little scratches. The 8Cr13MoV is not a premium or 'super steel', but it's perfectly serviceable.for duty as an EDC. Hold an edge acceptably and sharpens easily. -ergonomics and cosmetics: The knife balances well in the hand, is ergonomically good (nice index finger indent), and it's light for a folder of this size. Blade size (3.25in) hits the sweet spot for an EDC: straddles the line between EDC and tactical use, and legal in the great majority of jurisdictions. You need to look closely at the pictures on the site to really see it, but the pivit, thumb stud, and pins (torx) are a muted blue. A classy look, with the carbon fiber as the backdrop. -clip/carry: Carry is reasonably deep (although not "deep carry"), and the chip doesn't shed one's pants. Mine was a bit tight on the pocket of my jeans, so I gave it a slight amount of relief. NOTE: the clip is mounted for right-handed tip-up carry, and the clip is NOT moveable. No idea why they didn't provide mounting holes on the other side of the knife. Sorry, lefties. but this one is not for you... -opening: The Kershaw Speedsafe assisted open works as expected, and it's equally easy to deploy using either the thumbstuds or the flipper. The thumbstuds are ambidexterous, an interesting setup given that the clip can't be configured for left-hand carry. In sum, this is a really great deal for the money, and a worthy choice for an EDC.