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ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card


Price: $12.99

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ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card
rated 5 stars out of 5
Kansas City MO
Feb 13, 2016
Pros: Materials, Included Tools, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None

Awesome tool set for emergencies

This is a great little tool set to have for emergencies. While I hope never to be in a hostage situation, there are times when the ability to enter or escape could happen. I keep them with my emergency bag. The tools are nice, but the instructional video on the website is incredible. It shows exactly how to use the tools and your own movements in a variety of situations. If you are uncertain about whether to purchase the tool, watch the video and you will see its value. The tools are light but very well made, and clearly the team put a lot of thought into how to pack the most value into a tiny package.
ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card
rated 4 stars out of 5
Joseph M.
Murray, UT
May 20, 2016
Pros: Overall Quality, Finish, Included Tools
Cons: None

Great for EDC

I dig this item. I recommend buying two, one to carry and one to practice with. Also if you don't have any lock picking skills I recommend check out youtube and learning. If you don't this thing will be a worthless novelty. It is a little expensive for what it is, but then again there is nothing really quite like it.