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Schrade Old Timer Pioneer Lockblade 4.1" Closedrated 1.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Schrade Old Timer Pioneer Lockblade 4.1 inch Closed


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Schrade Old Timer Pioneer Lockblade 4.1" Closed
rated 1 stars out of 5
Mar 29, 2020
Pros: Blade Sharpness, None
Cons: Overall Quality
Unsafe/opens in pocket/no pivot screw to tighten
Absolutely the WORST knife I’ve ever purchased! It’s not worth the time or money to return and because it’s too dangerous I’m going to toss it out. This is really too bad because the blade itself is actually great; it’s super easy to get it razor sharp and the point is wicked sharp too. That said, the body it’s set in is s***! There’s nothing that keeps it closed. A slight bump or jar will cause the blade to open in the pocket. If you accidentally drop it on the floor it will pop open about an inch. The thumb stud doesn’t help matters, sticking out a full 2mm from the handle means that when using the pocket clip and wearing pants with even moderately snug pockets the leg motion against the stud from merely walking causes the knife to pop open. As this knife is held together only with pins there’s no accessible pivot screw so no easy way to tighten it up. When I tried to remove the thumb stud its cheap torx screw (the only screw on the knife) stripped immediately with light pressure. The first time the knife came open it cut through the pocket of an expensive pair of designer jeans when I sat down and jabbed pretty deep into my leg. Two more times getting my hand speared retrieving items in that pocket and I’d had it with this piece of garbage. I already have enough “toolbox” knives; I had purchased this to use as kind of a “gentleman’s” knife when better dressed/ in places where pulling out a scary looking EDC would be inappropriate but nope, won’t work for that. I sure wouldn’t give this to a friend to cut themselves on and I don’t have an enemy at the moment to give it to. Really the only safe place for this is in a landfill. Long-time customer of Knifecenter; I’ve bought a fair amount of things from them and will continue to do so. I generally love them and in fact have an order in as I write for four other pieces. However seeing the poor design and shoddy execution of this product I absolutely will never purchase another Schrade/ Old Timer item again, ever!